Our Brands



In 2010 B & U Holdings purchased the brand name Ferobrake and passed management control over to Maxifren. Ferobrake is a group of independent legal entities that have signed trading agreements with B & U Holdings which entitles them to trade as Ferobrake. The name Ferobrake was in turn acquired by Africa Automotive Aftermarket Solutions in 2015. Ferobrake dealers are well positioned across the country to service the needs of the automotive industry and are a one stop shop for your vehicles clutch and braking requirements. For more information on Ferobrake Visit:


In 2013 Maxifren saw the need for an affordable branded quality heavy duty clutch and sourced product for the launch of its own brand Covata. The product is sourced overseas from several factories that have all been audited for quality and process controls by Maxifren staff. After they have arrived in SA random checks are performed on the product to ensure quality standards are maintained. Initially the range was aimed at a niche market catering for the gaps in the market but it is being added to as the demand for the brand gains momentum. The Covata Clutch System is a fit for purpose affordable aftermarket clutch that does carry a warranty against manufacturing defect. Various friction materials are used for our clutch plates, often matching the OE specification, ranging from woven, ceramic combined with woven and ceramic only. Please contact us for more details.

Exclusive Distribution



In 2010 B & U Holdings was appointed the exclusive distributor of Ferodo commercial vehicle brake linings in South Africa and certain neighboring countries, and this exclusivity formed part of the acquisition by Africa Automotive Aftermarket Solutions in 2015. Ferodo is an international brand owned by Federal- Mogul Motorparts. Ferodo commercial vehicle brake linings have been manufactured in South Africa for over 50 years and Ferodo has established itself internationally as the leading manufacturer and supplier to many vehicle manufacturers. In addition to Ferodo commercial vehicle brake linings Maxifren also stock Ferodo disc brake pads for cars, LDV’s and commercial vehicles, brake fluid and light duty discs (rotors).


Other Brands



Since the inception of Maxifren in the Cape, we have been proud of our association with Sachs Clutches and offer a wide range of their products at competitive prices. In 2012, Maxifren Wadeville was also granted distribution of Sachs products.